Request for Funding Information

General Information & Instructions

The Indian River County Hospital District is committed to support healthy living in our community. Each year, the District upholds this commitment by awarding funding to organizations that provide services and/or programs that promote and strengthen good health outcomes to residents within Indian River County.

It is the intention of the Trustees of the Indian River County Hospital District to ensure, to the best of their abilities, that approved funding requests for health services are consistent with the District’s Vision Statement and its funding guidelines. The Trustees recognize the importance of adapting and responding to change and encourage innovative approaches to meeting the health needs of the community. Every effort will be made to be objective, and use standardized decision methods and approaches in the review of agencies requests so all applications are treated consistently and fairly. The guidelines, which follow, are to be used as one of several considerations in funding agencies and programs.

Funding is distributed on an October 1 – September 30 cycle, although programs are not required to operate on the same fiscal year.

Applications Process and Deadlines

Applications will be made available to organizations on February 19, 2024 and shall be completed on the eCImpact platform no later than the April 1, 2024 deadline.

Apply Here on eCImpact

District Funding Eligibility & Criteria

Hospital District Strategic Priorities:

Strategic Priority One: Focus efforts and investments on programs that strengthen primary care, behavioral/mental health, and prevention.

Strategic Priority Two: Improve access to healthcare services by reducing financial barriers.

Strategic Priority Three: Identify community-wide healthcare gaps through convening key stakeholders to facilitate collaboration toward potential solutions.

Applications are evaluated using the following criteria:

• Support access to programs and services that strengthen primary care, behavioral health, and prevention.
• Provide and maintain, Medical, Psychological/Psychiatric/Behavioral, Dental, Substance Use Disorder treatment and Home Health/Hospice healthcare programs and services as are needed for the general welfare of individuals and families of and in Indian River County.
• Support programs and services which promote and improve the physical and mental health and well-being of all residents.
• Provide for the connection to Specialty Medical and Psychological services.
• Support programs that educate and prevent risky behaviors and substance (alcohol/drugs) use and abuse.
• Provide for prenatal/postnatal care programs and services, particularly those improving birth outcomes and healthy behaviors.
• Provide for, support and coordinate recruitment, training, and professional development of healthcare workers in Indian River County, which will ultimately improve service delivery and desired outcomes for all residents.

Additional Requirements:

  • Copy of agencies Organizational Chart
  • Copy of Strategic Plan, if available
  • List of current Board of Directors
  • Total Agency Budget/ Program Budget (if requesting funds for multiple programs and/or services please provide a program/service budget for each).  Include alternate funding sources with amounts. (See Schedule 1 & Schedule 2; Program Budget Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Copy of most recent independent audited financial statement.
  • IRS 990, including schedules.
  • All agencies requesting funding will be required to submit progress reports on a semi-annual basis.
  • All agencies requesting funding will be required to submit a clear description of specific use of requested funds and the results to be achieved.
  • All agencies requesting funding will be required to provide meaningful measurable benchmarks and indicators of success. Please attach any survey or evaluation tools that are used to evaluate outcomes.
  • All agencies requesting funding are subject to a site visit by District staff.
  • All agencies awarded funding will be subject to an internal audit review by District staff.