Strategic Plan 2019-2021

Message from The Board of Trustees, Indian River County Hospital District-

The purpose of the IRCHD Board of Trustees two-year strategic action plan, is to place attention on two areas that will support efforts to continuously improve our responsibility towards ensuring Indian River County Residents enjoy access to quality and equitable health services, a top priority identified in the recent county health needs assessment.

Our strategic planning process is focused on engaging our community partners and community resources along with the Boards review of the Health Needs Assessment to shape the strategies contained in this plan.

Beginning with the Board’s governance responsibility, we will seek to continuously improve our role in health services planning, development, oversight and evaluation required to support all county resident’s ability to access quality and equitable health care.

The second aspect of good governance and continuous improvement is learning. The recent county needs assessment identified several other priority areas, including mental health and substance use, cancer, coronary heart disease, and stroke to name a few. The Board will implement an educational agenda that will focus on best health practices for improving health conditions with attention on identifying and filling gaps in health services.

The third aspect of the Board’s health needs and economics learning agenda is the implementation of a health policy and tracking process. As national and state health policy experts continue to tweak health coverage, reimbursements for health services, the emergence of new models of health care delivery, and quality and costs measures, the Board will focus attention on the impacts of any intended and unintended consequences these decisions might have on the residents. Our health policy tracking process will keep us abreast of changes that may impact the Indian River County resident’s ability to access our county’s health services.

The Board will focus their attention on continuous health improvement by ensuring that best health metrics are in place for monitoring and evaluating current and future funded health services and programs. This is to ensure that residents are receiving quality and health services, and the tax payers are receiving a return on their investment.

To keep our residents informed about all of the Board’s activities, we will plan, develop and implement an annual report to the community on all the Hospital District’s funded activities.

The Board wishes to thank the community for the support and commitment we collectively make in partnership towards building superior quality, and equitable health services for the residents of Indian River County.



MARYBETH CUNNINGHAM, Chairwoman (Seat 2)

MICHAEL WEISS, Vice Chair (Seat 7)

ALLEN N. JONES, Treasurer (Seat 4)

ANN MARIE MCCRYSTAL, Secretary (Seat 6)

TRACEY LOCKWOOD-ZUDANS, Assistant Secretary (Seat 1)