Fostering collaboration to improve healthcare in Indian River County


The Indian River County Hospital District assesses a property tax to provide funding to organizations ensuring that essential health care programs and services; primary, specialty, dental, and mental/behavioral health, are available to benefit the entire community. We maintain ownership of  four properties leased to other organizations for the operation of healthcare activities. The District convenes providers and funding partners to address gaps in the healthcare continuum of care and help to find and fund solutions.

Upcoming Meetings: December 2022


The Indian River County Hospital District will hold a Chairman’s Meeting on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 1:00 PM in the District Office Conference Room, District Office Conference Room, 1705 19th Place, Suite G3, Vero Beach, FL 32960. You may also participate via Zoom;

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Meeting ID: 872 2445 4647
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Dial In Number- 1 305 224 1968 US
Meeting ID: 872 2445 4647
Passcode: 401130


The Indian River County Hospital District will hold its Regular Monthly Meeting on Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 4:00 PM at the County Commission Chambers, 1801 27th Street, Building “A”, Vero Beach, FL  32960. You may also participate via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 825 4382 3211
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Dial in Number: 1 305 224 1968 US
Meeting ID: 825 4382 3211
Passcode: 187771 

Note from the Chairwoman: The Hospital District exists to provide all residents of Indian River County access to quality healthcare through collaborating with a myriad of partners; from healthcare agencies such as TCCH, Whole Family Health, and Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital, to childcare and homeless agencies, to the County Commission, as well as other funders such as the Community Foundation, United Way and John’s Island. The district staff and Trustees balance the needs and gaps identified with the Fiduciary responsibility of levying taxes to make smart, effective investments in healthcare for our community. Throughout the pandemic, it has become obvious that more community focus needs to be on mental health access and services for all ages. We are diligently working with our partners to address these needs. We are here for you- we are here for everyone in our community!

-Marybeth Cunningham, Chairwoman

Note from the Executive Director: Much like other organizations serving Indian River County, the 2020-2021 fiscal year was an interesting time for the Indian River County Hospital District. We have continued our work assisting healthcare providers creating access to quality primary care, dental, specialty, behavioral health, and substance use services to all residents of our county. Although COVID continued to affect so many in our community, the District was able to bring our partners together to build upon services and continue to address gaps in services. The most noteworthy was the addition of an Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents struggling with mental health and substance use issues at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital.

-Ann Marie Suriano, Executive Director

Annual Report Summary- 2021

Dedication Partnership
The Indian River County Hospital District (“IRCHD”) worked in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital to create and dedicate a beautiful memorial garden to the late Alma Lee Loy. Amongst many community contributions, Ms. Loy was a former Hospital District Trustee and a former member of the Hospital’s Board of Directors.


Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Clinic:
The work of the Mental Health and Substance Use Visioning Committee was created a few years ago as a partnership with the Mental Health Collaborative and the IRCHD, continued this year in a big way. The group reconvened, despite COVID, to assist an emerging need for services to adolescents struggling with co-occurring behavioral and substance use issues that may not necessarily be appropriate for inpatient care, but certainly need more support than traditional outpatient therapy. The community of providers and funders, both public and private, came together to fill this gap. The IRCHD initiated and coordinated a Request For Proposal, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital responded and opened its doors offering an IOP for children 13-17.

Capital Assets :
The IRCHD owns the buildings and grounds making up the main campus and the Behavioral Health Center of the CCIRH and 80 acres of land at 12th Street and 82nd Avenue, all of which is leased to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation; the Human Services Building and property and the parcel of land on which the Hospice House sits up to 37th Street, which is both leased to the Visiting Nurse Association; and the building and land of the Gifford Health Center, which is leased to Treasure Coast Community Health.

Programs and Services:
The organizations listed below have been partners of the IRCHD, providing programs and services that assist us to further our mission. The following organizations have been reimbursed a total of $13,054,756 during the fiscal year of October 1, 2020- September 30, 2021.

• CCIRH Partners in Women’s Health Program $1,982,520
• Childcare Resources $60,217
• Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital $5,000,000
• Healthy Start Coalition of Indian River County $245,000
• Hope for Families Center $42,140
• County Share of Medicaid $495,555
• Mental Health Association $452,439
• Mental Health Collaborative $200,000
• New Horizons $61,656
• Senior Resource Association $47,532
• Phoenix Rising $447,000
• Substance Awareness Center $70,000
• Treasure Coast Community Health, Inc. $2,491,094
• Tykes & Teens $117,000
• University of Florida Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine $96,177
• VNA of Treasure Coast, Inc. $682,389
• We Care $309,536
• Whole Family Health Center $237,000
• Senior Collaborative $17,500

Beginning October 1, 2016, the Indian River County Hospital District implemented a Healthcare Financial Assistance ID Program for the residents of Indian River County who meet eligibility requirements. The intent of this program is to remove barriers to residents who do not have the means to pay for services provided by our funded agencies. Pursuant to the Financial Assistance ID Program the applicant must be an uninsured resident of Indian River County with a gross annual family income of less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. The approved applicants are provided healthcare financial assistance at any of our funded agencies for one year and can reapply should they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.


Budget and Millage:
The total gross taxable value of IRC properties in 2021-2022 is $20,618,280,101. The IRCHD is assessing only .7144 of the total 14.67 millage rates assessed.

Millage Chart


The IRCHD has engaged a consulting firm to facilitate a 10-year Strategic Visioning and Direction. The Trustees and Administration are committed to enhancing our partnerships to markedly improve the health of our Indian River County Residents.  This may include a new look at the funding process, and populations we serve with tax dollars, a continued convening role to bring leaders, providers, funders, and interested parties together to best provide solutions for systemic change.   Our focus remains on healthcare in Indian River County, realizing that many other contributing factors play an important role in improving the health of the community for generations to come.  We invite you to join us.

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