Success Stories

These residents of Indian River County have received vital help thanks to reimbursement distributed by IRCHD to not-for-profit organizations and government agencies who cared for them.

From the We Care program

I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be here right now to write this if it wasn’t for the We Care program and Ms. Leigh Anne Riddle, RN. After moving back to Florida, I ended up in the “pre-existing condition” category with regards to health insurance and didn’t know where to turn when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and Raeder Syndrome. My former doctor told me about this program and I had nothing to lose.

I was pleasantly surprised by the courteous and very professional help that I obtained from Ms. Riddle and the program. She was able to connect me with the right doctors in short order to get my treatment started.  And even more importantly, I was no longer an unfortunate “statistic.” Ms. Riddle’s social skills and knowledge in how to get things done far surpassed my expectations.
— Thomas M. Tetrault, We Care patient

A recent patient was sent to me with a severe deformity of his nose. He suffered embarrassment and a low self-esteem. After he healed from his surgery he was genuinely grateful and was ready to take on the world with his new-found confidence.
— Ralph Rosato, M.D., F.A.C.S,, physician volunteer with We Care

Dr. Rosato performed the surgery on Ronald Shaulis, Jr.

Everybody was so nice, it made me very happy.  I feel like a new person.  I can look people in the eye instead of looking away.  People don’t stare at me anymore.  Thank you so much!
— Ronald M. Shaulis, Jr., We Care patient

The We Care program has allowed me to get the necessary medical attention that I need.  Everyone involved has been very friendly, helpful and concerned about my health.  Without them, I would not be able to afford the testing and procedures needed.
— Judy Heritage, We Care patient

Before We Care and Leigh Anne helped me get my cataract surgery with Dr. Mallon at Advanced Eye Care, my eyes were so bad I could not see at all. Now I see great and Dr. Mallon and his staff were great. Thank you for everything; it has made my life so much better and clearer.
— Cathy Tennant, We Care patient

It was well organized; the doctor and staff were respectful and the doctor immediately recognized symptoms and a possible diagnosis – necessary tests were prepared right away.   
— Margaret Stanton, Vero Beach

Everybody is very nice and cares about their patients.  
— Consuelo-Vargas-Marfinez, Fellsmere

I am able to get the medical care that I need while I’m unable to afford health insurance. Everyone is so kind and caring. I’m really blessed to have We Care and very thankful for the care I received.  
— Michelle Wright, Vero Beach

The staff is very helpful to people. They really do care about us, they don’t just say it – they put it into action. They are very friendly and make you feel very comfortable around them.  
— Elizabeth Thomas

The program helps me see doctors that I couldn’t otherwise see due to lack of insurance.  They also help me get the tests done that I need.
— Melanie Grant, Vero Beach

From the Newborn Home Visit Nurse program provided by Healthy Start

A woman was referred to the Healthy Start Program 23 weeks pregnant with severe depression.  She had relocated and did not have a stable place to call home; therefore, she and her ex-partner decided that it would be best if their children stayed with him. This, of course, saddened the client because she was used to seeing her children every day, and with this move that was no longer possible. The distance between one state and the other was too much for her. She was referred to counseling, and in the meantime was seeking a new home.

By the time she was 29 weeks pregnant her ex-partner and the children had moved to Florida as well, which helped herwith her emotional state.  She was now able to visit her children more often, reducing her feelings of depression. With the assistance and empowerment of the Healthy Start Program, at 38 weeks of gestation the client delivered a healthy baby boy.

While in the hospital she reported receiving services from the TLC program, which built her confidence in exclusively breastfeeding her child. Not only was she grateful for the services received in the hospital, but also for the services provided by the Home Nurse. She said that home nurse was caring, informative, and thorough in assisting her and her newborn.  She also said the home nurse was helpful in answering her questions regarding breastfeeding as she observed and approved the way she was breastfeeding.

The client expressed thanks for Healthy Start services during her pregnancy, and has asked to continue receiving services for her newborn. She will be receiving baby wear training in the near future.

A woman began services with Healthy Start in the third trimester of her pregnancy. She had suffered domestic violence in her home, had a history of drug use, and was having a hard time dealing with her on-and-off depression. She was educated on the cycle of abuse and received Safe Space assistance.  She was referred for counseling, which she said helped her tremendously.

She delivered a healthy baby boy at 40 weeks of gestation. She said she was well cared for at the hospital and recalls receiving great attention and help from the ladies in the TLC program, which motivated her to exclusively breastfeed.  She also said she received exceptional care and services from the home nurse. She said the home nurse was attentive, knowledgeable, and hands-on, which provided comfort and confidence in her ability to succeed at breastfeeding and being an exceptional mom.

She received the Baby Box, which she said as very useful and a safe place to put the baby while she interacted with her daughters and kept a close eye on the infant simultaneously.  The client received baby-wear training when her infant was six weeks of age. Eager to apply the skill she had learned, she  would have on baby wear at other encounters with the care coordinator. She has repeatedly thanked the care coordinator and Healthy Start staff for all the assistance and services provided to her by the Healthy Start program in times where she felt down and alone.