FY 23-24 Budget Request Presentation Meeting: May 23, 2023

FY 23-24 Budget Request Presentation Meeting: May 23, 2023

Indian River County Hospital District Conference Room/ Zoom
May 23, 2023
10:00 AM

TRUSTEES: Marybeth Cunningham Barbara Bodnar
Karen Deigl Michael Kint
Paul Westcott Kerry Bartlett
William Cooney (via Zoom)

STAFF: Jennifer Frederick Kaytlin Dickens
Ann Marie Suriano Jennifer Peshke, Esq.

ZOOM: Marie Andress

ATTENDEES: Barbara Holbrook Jessica Cook
Brenda Schmerling Wes Samons
Angela Guzenski Lisa Kahle
Cathy De Schouwer Antoine Jennings

Convene Meeting – Marybeth Cunningham, Chairwoman

Mrs. Cunningham convened the budget request presentation meeting of the IRCHD Board of Trustees at 10:00 AM by welcoming those participating via Zoom and in person.

FY 23-24 Budget Request Presentations

IRC Healthy Start Coalition- Autumn Schneider, Director of Internal Operations

Ms. Schneider provided a review of the funding request from Healthy Start to support the
Prevention, Education and Community Enhancement (“PEACE”) program. She explained that through the work of The Community Action Group conducted through their Fetal Infant and Mortality Review, they identified a need within the community to serve and provide support for the other parent/caregiver, improve preconception health, awareness and education on issues affecting newborns, mothers and families and enhanced care for women with high-risk pregnancies. Therefore, the Prevention Education and Community Enhancement Program was formed to provide that additional needed support. Additionally, Healthy Start is addressing preconception health through a community task force by planning a comprehensive county-wide preconception health program. This includes prenatal care, postpartum support, breastfeeding, mental health first aid and Fatherhood Support. Each of the above trainings provides valuable contributions to Healthy Start staff and the community. They will implement this by utilizing 15-20 community mentors and train them to become certified counselors. Additionally, due to an increase in infant sleep related deaths, they have implemented a certified safe baby training class. Next, she discussed outcome measures and stated that the success for this program varies based on client enrollment, but the goal for the program is for 90% of participants to complete any training they are enrolled in, and pre and post surveys will be conducted following the training. Additionally, all outcomes and indicators are tracked on a monthly basis in their data tracking system, Clear Impact, and data is reviewed each month by the Special Projects Coordinator and Data and Sustainability Coordinator. Lastly it was discussed that this program would be entirely funded by the District and they are requesting $100,000 in funding.

Crossover Mission- Cathy DeSchouwer & Antoine Jennings, Co-Founders Healthy Kids Program

Ms. DeSchouwer and Mr. Jennings addressed the board and provided a review of Crossover Mission and the organization’s history. Ms. DeSchouwer stated that the organization was founded nine years ago and they work with at risk youth between the ages of 9-18. They provide academic mentoring services along with basketball and athletic training. Mr. Jennings addressed the board and provided the Trustees with some background information about his life which led him to becoming involved with Crossover Mission. Due to his own struggles throughout childhood and adolescence, and being provided with an opportunity to turn his life around, he now is giving back by offering that same opportunity to at risk youth here in Indian River County. He further explained that basketball was always a positive activity in his life and it is a great tool to draw kids into the program. Mr. Jennings then provided a review of the request and stated that Crossover is seeking $10,000 in funding to support Healthy Kids, a year-round and multi-strategy program that addresses both the physical and socio-emotional aspects of a child’s health. In the 2023-2024 fiscal year, the program is projected to serve 115 youth, both boys and girls, ages eight to 18, who reside in Indian River County households mostly categorized as under-resourced. The program is organized and evaluated by a team of four full-time coaches who also act as mentors to each child, the program is grounded in elite-level basketball training and player development. All participants in the Healthy Kids program will benefit from its evidenced-based and age-appropriate activities intentionally designed to boost outcomes in both the physical and social-emotional spheres of a child’s development. Another component to the program is proving a safe space for the kids so that they feel supported. He then discussed the programs preventative and management approach to a child’s physical and social-emotional health. Next, Ms. DeSchouwer provided a review of the outcome measures they would be tracking which includes students maintaining a healthy youth BMI, full participation in the program, having less than three unexcused absences/quarter in school-year for both Crossover basketball and academic programming, and maintaining/improving their score on the “GRIT” Scale. She explained that the nationally-recognized GRIT assessment measures healthy coping strategies, resilience, and a student athlete’s passion and perseverance for setting long-term, meaningful goals. She further explained that they have a strong partnership with School District, which is their primary referral base. There was Trustee discussion concerning the income vs. expenses in their overall budget. Lastly, Ms. DeSchouwer explained that there is currently a 1-million-dollar capital campaign underway to support the completion of a new facility that will include classrooms to develop academic performance, along with recreational facilities.
RiteLife Services, Inc.- Barbara Moody Holbrook, CEO

Ms. Holbrook addressed the board and stated that RiteLife Services, Inc. is a peer service agency created for any person seeking recovery and resources to sustain an independent life. They offer effective resources from well-trained persons with lived experience, or Certified Recovery Peer Specialists, and all employees are currently in active recovery and have long term sobriety. She has worked in the non-profit industry for years including Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network and has a great deal of experience working with the homeless population. Her experience exposed her the many gaps within the system and prompted her to create RiteLife to help address those gaps. She introduced Brenda Schmerling who is the SSI/SSDI Outreach Access Recovery (“SOAR”) Supervisor and she discussed the process of helping their clients apply for SSI/SSDI benefits. Once an applicant is approved for these types of programs, they are able to get State assistance for needed services, including housing vouchers. However, the process for approval can take anywhere from 3-6 months, and in the interim they will offer temporary assistance which they call “Compassionate allowances”. Next Ms. Holbrook discussed the funding request and stated that RiteLife is seeking the involvement of Peer Services with the Mental Health Court of Indian River County. Their roles currently allow for Certified Recovery Peer Specialists (CRPS) staff involvement in the Mental Health Courts of Martin & Okeechobee Counties and they would like to expand those services into Indian River County. She explained that they provide Recovery Peer support for mental illness and/or substance use and that it is their hope to soon open a Recovery Community Organization (“RCO”) in Indian River County for persons with substance misuse, mental illness, trauma, or persons who live outside a place to visit during the day to attend self-help, socialization, educational and recovery grief groups. The total request for funding is $150,000 which would support the hiring of two Peer staff who will be full time employees, travel expenses, and supplies associated with these positions. There was Trustee discussion including an inquiring if any current board members are residents of Indian River County. Ms. Holbrook explained that there are currently no board members from Indian River County but she is actively looking to recruit one, specifically someone who could fulfill the role of Treasurer.

Public Comment & Adjourn

Mrs. Cunningham asked for public comment and there was none. The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.