Chairman’s Meeting: March 15, 2023

Chairman’s Meeting: March 15, 2023

Indian River County Hospital District Conference Room/ Zoom
March 15, 2023

TRUSTEES: Marybeth Cunningham Barb Bodnar
Michael Kint Paul Westcott
William Cooney, M.D.

ABSENT: Karen Deigl Kerry Bartlett

ZOOM: Anne Posey Carole Finck
William Wims Chriss Papyannis
Pat Knipper Jad Shalhoub

STAFF: Dawn Carboni Jennifer Peshke, Esq.
Kate Voss Jennifer Frederick
Ann Marie Suriano

ATTENDEES: Wes Sammons Lisa Kahle
Ann Marie McCrystal Carol Kanarek
Jeff Pickering Chiaka Nwosu
Ellen Wayne Renee Bireley
Bill Stengel Cecelia Stalnaker

Convene Meeting – Marybeth Cunningham, Chairwoman

Mrs. Cunningham convened the meeting of the IRCHD Board of Trustees at 10:00 AM by welcoming those participating via Zoom and in person. Ms. Cunningham introduced Lisa Kahle, Chairman of the Mental Health Collaborative and Wes Sammons who was just hired as the new Executive Director for the Mental Health Collaborative. She then provided an update concerning the Mental Health Court and stated that the task force held their first meeting and Kerry Bartlett attended as a representative for the District. Ms. Bartlett also prepared a memo which was included in todays meeting materials for the Trustees to review. She then offered an opportunity for the Trustees to ask any questions concerning the Mental Health Court for Ms. Kahle to address. There were none and it was discussed that the next task force meeting would take place on the 24th of March.

Mr. Westcott asked if it would be appropriate for an assessment to be created reflective of the mental health treatment community, to gain a better understanding of the drivers and the need for care within Indian River County. The exercise could better assist the District and other local government entities to better shape public policy and funding support. Ms. Cunningham indicated that much of this data is available through Indian River Indicators, but further exploration into this matter is appropriate and could be supported through efforts of the Mental Health Collaborative. Ms. Kahle stated that she would bring this matter before the board at their next meeting in April. Ms. Suriano stated it could also be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting for the Collaborative as well.

Indian River Indicators Health Update- Jeff Pickering, CEO Indian River Community Foundation

Mr. Pickering addressed the board and provided some background information concerning the Community Foundation. He stated that the Indian River Community Foundation was established in 2008 and is accredited as meeting National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. A core strategic priority is growing, stewarding, and deploying philanthropic capital to improve the community. Currently the Community Foundation holds more than $90 million in over 200 charitable giving accounts and have awarded more than $100 million in grants to charities in Indian River County (“IRC”) and worldwide. He began his presentation by reviewing the Nonprofit sector of Indian River County and stated that out of 944 nonprofits, 832 are 501(C)3 charities, and 175 have revenue of $50,000 or more. Additionally, he explained that nonprofit health institutions only make up 15% of charities in IRC but bring in the highest aggregate revenue of $154 million. Next, he provided a review of the Community Needs Assessment which took place over a 12-month period and utilized an independent research consultant. The domains in which they reviewed include health, education, economic opportunity, and housing. Some of the key insights from the report included identifying that there is an aging, diversifying population and an increasing wealth disparity. He also noted that philanthropic and charity dollars do help support the community, but public dollars are essential in supporting substantial change. He then reviewed trends in county demographics, mortality which including COVID-19 deaths, risky behaviors, and mental health. He also reviewed data and trends concerning access to healthcare which showed an increase of individuals obtaining health insurance but decreased provider to patient ratios for primary care services. He also reviewed trends for children and health and discussed the increase in infant mortality rates. However, the trend for the long-term infant mortality rate continues to decline. Lastly, he reviewed information from a case study that was conducted and ultimately led to the creation for the Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program now operated by CCIRH. He also reviewed the capacity of IRC system of care concerning mental health which showed adequate, insufficient, or no capacity in areas relative to mental health treatment and care. One area with no capacity was the need for residential and supportive housing services which is in line with the current housing crisis within the community. He also reviewed data from a second case study concerning disparities in life expectancy throughout IRC. In closing he shared practical ways to communicate the results of the information shared today and discussed the future collaborative efforts with the District.

Deep Blue Introduction & Review of Investment Portfolio –Dominick Cristofaro, Director of Client Advisory Services

Mr. Cristofaro addressed the board and began his presentation by providing a brief introduction of Deep Blue, and its history. He stated that they have over 22 years of experience managing public funds in Florida and were selected as the investment manager to the Florida Fixed Income Trust in 2010 and the U. S. Fixed Income Trust in 2019. He then provided a review of the services offered by Deep Blue, specifically the Florida Fixed Income Trust, which is where the District funds are invested. He explained that it is a low volatility and yields a 4.52% interest rate. He then reviewed the different options for institutional cash tiers and discussed the FL-FIT preferred deposit pool which is what the District utilizes. He then provided a review of the Districts portfolio as of February 28, 2023. The total market value accrued is just over 8.8 million and 97% of those funds are invested in secure government bonds. He further explained that the investments yielded just over $30,000 in interest for the month of February. Lastly, he provided a breakdown of the maturity schedule and holdings.

Samaritan Center Request for Funding – Ellen Wayne, CEO Catholic Charities & Renee Bireley, Executive Director of Samaritan Center

Ms. Wayne began her presentation by providing a review of the Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach and their support to the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County. Then she discussed Samaritan Center and stated that the center is transitional housing for homeless families in Indian River County and supports around 50 individuals a year. Their goal is to help the residents develop economic stability, mental health stability and community involvement. The center is able to support up to 9 families and following the completion of their stay, 90% of families remain in permanent housing. Next, she reviewed data concerning homelessness on the Treasure Coast and stated that there has been a 4% increase since 2021. Many of the residents have high levels of complex trauma and mental health needs complicating their homelessness and journey toward self-sufficiency. To combat this, the center currently supports the services of a part time therapist who works as an independent contractor. However, given the increased need for mental health support for their residents, they are looking to hire a full-time employee to fill the position. Therefore, before the Trustee is a funding request $28,682.07 to support the hiring salary of a full time licensed mental health counselor to serve residents in house and assist with after hour crisis support. She provided a breakdown of the budget for the request and stated that this would support the position from May-September 2023. Additionally, they will also be completing a new funding request for FY 23-24 and will submit the same for consideration during the next funding cycle. There was Trustee discussion and they asked for clarification concerning the financial support the Diocese of Palm Beach provides. It was explained that they do receive funding from the Diocese but those funds are allocated to multiple areas and are unable to support the hiring of a full time position. After further discussion Ms. Cunningham made a motion to approve the request, which was seconded by Dr. Cooney. The motion carried unanimously.

Other Business

Ms. Cunningham stated that included in the meeting materials was correspondence from CCIRH concerning the 82nd Ave property and their future use of the property. Due to their response of not wanting to relase the property to the District, Ms. Peshke has been instructed to contact their representatives and request that they come before the board to discuss the same at an upcoming Chairman’s meeting.

Public Comment & Adjourn- There was no public comment and meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM