Chairman’s Meeting: March 16, 2022

Chairman’s Meeting: March 16, 2022

Indian River County Hospital District Conference Room/ Zoom
March 16, 2022
10:00 AM

TRUSTEES: Marybeth Cunningham Allen Jones
Ann Marie McCrystal Barb Bodnar
Kerry Bartlett Karen Deigl

ZOOM: Pat Knipper Jim Starr
Samantha Mesena Jeff Pickering
Sabby Hightower Mike McGee
Marie Andress Kathy Hendrix

STAFF: Ann Marie Suriano Dawn Carboni
Kate Voss Jennifer Peshke, Esq.
Jennifer Frederick

ATTENDEES: Lundy Fields Bill Stengel
Manon Bone Michele Buldo
Kathy Jones

Convene Meeting – Marybeth Cunningham, Chairwoman

Mrs. Cunningham convened the Chairman’s meeting of the IRCHD Board of Trustees at 10:00 AM by welcoming those participating via Zoom and in person.

Narcan Training- Michele Buldo & Kathy Jones- Substance Abuse Free Indian River

Ms. Buldo introduced herself and Kathy Jones who were providing today’s presentation. Ms. Buldo provided an overview of what is currently happening in Florida concerning drug-related deaths. Rates have increased dramatically in the state and locally. Specifically, occurrences of fentanyl overdoses increased by 70%, and deaths caused by fentanyl increased by 81%. Also, overdoses in Indian River County have increased by 73% since 2020. Ms. Jones indicated that reversal reports from individuals administering Narcan are at 69% and that these overdoses are happening every day in the community. She further explained that individuals who administer Narcan to an unknown person suspected of having an overdose are protected by the Good Samaritan Law. Next, there was a discussion surrounding how opioids affect the brain and naloxone reverses those effects. There was also discussion surrounding the sign and symptoms shown in a person experiencing an overdose. The Trustees were shown a video that detailed how to administer a dose of Narcan nasal spray, which is safe for children and adults. Boxes with two doses of nasal spray were provided to all attendees. There was Trustee discussion and they thanked the women for the informative presentation. Ms. Jones offered the Trustees to share their contact information with other community organizations, so they could present this information and training to them as well.

VNA Building Project Update- Lundy Fields, CEO & Bill Stengel, Board Member

Mr. Stengel provided the Trustees with a historical review of the new building project which conceptionally began back in 2018 and was brought to the Trustees for consideration in 2020. There have been many workshops, meetings, and surveys that have taken place over the last few years, which have brought them to this phase in the process. He then presented the Trustees with images of the perspective building and grounds. Mr. Stengel explained that on February 26, the VNA Board passed a resolution outlining the project. In that resolution it outlined the following:

1. Unanimous VNA Board Approval- $21 million building (13% contingency);
2. Purchase of the Land Parcel that new Building would sit on, which is a prerequisite for proceeding;
3. Quiet Phase of $23-$25 million Capital Campaign to begin immediately;
4. Staged approval process: land, fundraising, construction contract; and
5. Phase 3 Expenses new $500,000 Design Development & Capital Campaign.

There was Trustee discussion and many of the Trustees were concerned to learn that the project moving forward was contingent on the purchase of the land, which is owned by the District. The Trustees were not aware of this contingency, nor had the VNA brought forth a proposal to purchase the land. There were also concerns about the District’s obligation to the taxpayer when selling any District-owned land. Mrs. Peshke addressed the board and stated that there are currently active lease agreements in place with CCIRH and VNA, which both have language giving the entity the right of first refusal to the property. Once this was discovered, the party’s legal counsel has been working to amend the agreements, with terms that are agreed upon by all. The goal is to provide the VNA with the right of first refusal and CCIRH with the right of first refusal if VNA decides to sell the property. Mrs. Peshke indicated that she needs time to research the matter of the District selling property and what requirements need to be met. She stated that she will have a report for the Trustees on the same next month for further discussion. In the meantime, it is clear that the VNA does wish to purchase the land, and the board needs to make some decisions on this matter so the VNA will know whether they can move forward with this project.

Strategic Visioning Update- Jim Starr- Carter Associates

Mr. Starr addressed the board and reviewed the final mission and vision statements that were chosen by the Trustees. Ms. Bartlett made a motion to approve the same, which was seconded by Mrs. McCrystal. The motion carried unanimously. Next Mr. Starr discussed the strategic priorities which are still being developed. He indicated that the strategic visioning committee and staff met separately to discuss and develop the same. They are also developing the key performance indicators which support the strategic direction initiatives. The last goal is to develop an action plan which will help support the overall strategic plan for the next several years. Lastly, he stated that he plans to meet again with the strategic planning committee and staff to finalize the key performance indicators for the strategic priorities. At next month’s Chairman’s meeting, the Trustees will discuss last steps and the approval of the final plan.

Other Business

Mr. Jones addressed the board and stated that interest rates are beginning to increase and the District’s investments with WaterWalker have yielded very low returns this fiscal year. Therefore, he is asking the Trustees for authorization to move some of those funds into alternative investment accounts to yield better interest rates. There was a brief Trustee discussion and Ms. Deigl made a motion to approve which was seconded by Mrs. Cunningham. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. Jones stated that he would report on this matter further tomorrow evening during his Treasurer’s report.

Mrs. Frederick indicated she included an updated budget presentation schedule for the Trustees concerning the upcoming funding requests for fiscal year 22-23. She asked that the Trustees review the same and let her know if there are any conflicts. The funding applications are due to the District on March 25th and the first funding request presentation is scheduled for April 20th.

Mrs. Cunningham informed the board that Dr. Ralph Turner from CCIRH has accepted a new role as Senior Vice President at WellStar and President of WellStar Paulding Hospital in Hiram, Georgia. She stated that Dr. Turner was a great asset to CCIRH over the last 3 years and he will be missed.

Public Comment & Adjourn

Mrs. Cunningham asked for public comment and there was none. The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 AM