Regular Monthly Meeting June 20, 2019

Regular Monthly Meeting June 20, 2019

Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2019
5:00 PM

TRUSTEES: Karen Deigl Michael Weiss
Ann Marie McCrystal Barbara Bodnar
Marybeth Cunningham (via telephone)

ABSENT: Tracey Zudans Allen Jones

STAFF: Ann Marie Suriano Jennifer Peshke, Esq.
Jennifer Frederick Kate Voss

OTHER ATTENDEES: Jeanne Shepherd Nicholas Coppola
Jared Bucheron Carrie Lester
Angela Guzenski Pastor Gainey
Myra Weiss Michelle Genz

Convene Meeting – Michael Weiss, Vice Chair

Dr. Weiss convened the regular monthly meeting of the IRCHD at 5:00 PM by welcoming those in attendance. Pastor Gainey provided the invocation for the meeting and Dr. Weiss led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Consent Agenda- Michael Weiss, Vice Chair

Dr. Weiss asked for a motion for approval of the Special Meeting minutes dated May 8, 13, 22, 28; Chairman’s Meeting Minutes dated May 15; Budget Presentation Minutes dated May 22, 28; Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes dated May 16; and a June disbursement of $1,056,824.45. Mrs. McCrystal made a motion to approve which was seconded by Ms. Deigl. The motion carried unanimously.

Funded Agency Quarterly Report- Mental Health Association- Nicholas Coppola, Executive Director

Dr. Coppola stated that the report he prepared provides information regarding services provided at the MHA; client satisfaction and outcomes data for the Walk-In & Counseling Center, Drop-In Center; and information concerning the MHA School Violence program. Ms. Guzenski provided a review of the client satisfaction and outcome data with the Trustees. She stated that 70% of clients discharged from services at MHA have favorable outcomes. Ms. Shepard provided a review of the School Violence Prevention program data which served 970 9th grade students. The program offered students crisis and therapeutic support, as well as Botvin life skills training. Lastly, Dr. Coppola reviewed the financial data for the center. Currently they are operating with a $24,923.26 net loss, which is an improvement from this time last fiscal year.

District Counsel Report – Jennifer D. Peshke, Esq.

Ms. Peshke provided her monthly counsel report and stated that she has attended various meetings concerning the RFP committee, to select an organization to run the Gifford Health Center. Following the Board’s selection of TCCH to operate the Gifford Health Center, she has worked with District staff on various matters related to the center such as the new Lease and Funding Agreement with TCCH. She has further reviewed information regarding the District’s upcoming budget cycle meetings.

Financial Statement Review – Ann Marie Suriano, Executive Director

Ms. Suriano stated that she provided the Trustees with a written report prepared by Mr. Jones for them to review, in his absence. She explained that the District has received most of their tax revenues for the current fiscal year, which total approximately $15.5 million. Any unspent monies at the end of the fiscal year, will be placed into reserves. Lastly, program expenses are below budget for the year and administrative expenses are slightly above.

Executive Director Report- Ann Marie Suriano, Executive Director

Mrs. Suriano stated that she provided the Trustees with a written report of her monthly activities, Additionally, Ms. Suriano explained that at the April Chairman’s Meeting, the board voted to terminate the District accounting and payroll services with Special District Services, and bring the accounting system in house. The District has since terminated the agreement effective June 30 and Ms. Voss is currently being trained on Quickbooks. She explained that the final step is to transfer the bank accounts to the local Seacoast Branch and issue new signature cards. Allen Jones and she are already on the signature cards, and the SDS staff members who currently have authority to these accounts and signature cards will be removed. She recommends adding the board Chairwoman, Marybeth Cunningham and Secretary, Ann Marie McCrystal to the signature cards as the checks require 2 signatures, per District policy. Therefore, she asked for a motion to approve and give authority to her, as the District’s Executive Director to authorize Seacoast Bank to remove account administrative access from all Special District Services personnel and grant Administrative access to her and online banking review access to CPA, Cynthia Johnson. Additionally, SDS personnel signatures on the bank signature cards will be replaced with Marybeth Cunningham and Ann Marie McCrystal, continuing signature access on both District accounts to Allen Jones, Treasurer and Ann Marie Suriano, Executive Director. Ms. Deigl made a motion to approve, which was seconded by Ms. Bodnar. The motion carried unanimously.

New Business- Request for Additional FY2018-2019 Funding & Screening Day Pilot Program- New Horizons- George Shopland, CEO

Mr. Shopland explained that the District has provided $55,000 in funding for the current fiscal year however, they have billed $58,579 in services year to date and are projecting a shortfall of $33,000 for the remainder of the fiscal year. Factors of the increase include additional patients being qualified through the care card program and an increase in patients seeking services. He requested that New Horizons be able to bill for services for the remainder of the fiscal year, that would not exceed the $33,000 projected shortfall. Ms. McCrystal made a motion to approve the request, which was seconded by Ms. Deigl. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Shopland further discussed a potential pilot program that New Horizons would like to begin in the county. The proposed program would be an open intake day for patients He explained that a client will arrive at the office and complete the required registration forms. Then the patient would connect with a navigator for an intake appointment and treatment plan. They would also have psychiatric evaluations and referral care services available. Mr. Shopland stated that he is requesting $70,000 in funding from the District for a 6-month trial period for the program. There was Trustee discussion concerning his request and they agreed that it would not be appropriate to approve the expense due to the lack of Trustees present at the meeting. They would also like to review further data and outcomes of the proposed program. They instructed Mr. Shopland to prepare a more precise request with the additional data requested, for concertation in the next few months.

Public Comment- There was no public comment.

Adjourn- The meeting was adjourned at 5:42 PM