Special Meeting Minutes: May 13, 2019

Special Meeting Minutes: May 13, 2019

Special Meeting- GHC RFP Review Committee Indian River County Hospital District
May 13, 2019

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Allen Jones Jennifer Peshke, Esq.
Ann Marie Suriano Lenora Ritchie

ATTENDEES: Tracey Zudans Ann Marie McCrystal
Kate Voss Marie Andress
Jennifer Frederick Michelle Genz
Pat Knipper

Convene Meeting -Ann Marie Suriano, Executive Director

Mrs. Suriano convened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance. Mr. Woolfork who was invited to participate on the committee, was not in attendance at the meeting due to a scheduling conflict. She stated that she was hoping that some members from the Gifford Community would have been in attendance at the meeting today so the committee could receive feedback from them on the proposals. This process has always been a collaborative effort and their feedback is important.

Discussion of Individual Proposals-

Mr. Jones stated that Healthy Start and VNA both submitted proposals to collaboratively support whichever entity is chosen to run the Center. Treasure Coast Community Health and Whole Family health submitted more robust proposals relative to providing primary care, along with other health services.

Ms. Ritchie stated that she once she reviewed the proposals, she felt that TCCH responded to the RFP request criteria, while the Whole Family proposal seems to address the community’s needs. She questioned where the criteria for services came from and Mr. Jones stated that the District sought those answers directly from the Gifford community members, primarily the Gifford Health Council, through various meetings and discussions involving the community. There was further discussion concerning the transition of the Health Department leaving Gifford Health Center and no longer providing primary care services.

There was further committee discussion surrounding the hiring practices for the patient navigator which the committee felt is going to be an integral position for the center, as that person will be the key to build trust within the community. Additionally, the group agreed this person should be well known within the community and have some medical knowledge. Ms. Ritchie questioned whether is would be possible for the District to hire this person and the committee felt that was worth exploring.

Mr. Jones provided his comments to the group and asked Ms. Andress if Whole Family would be willing to provide pediatrics at the Center which she indicated they would. As an explanation Mrs. Andress stated that Whole Family would provide a pediatric nurse and a pediatrician at the center five days a week. There was further discussion as to the cost for those services and Ms. Andress stated that their request outlines the centers budget over the next three years.

Mr. Jones questioned the practice of TCCH sending outstanding unpaid invoices to collections, which he felt caused additional burden to patients. Ms. Soule indicated that government regulations from HRSA require the clinic to collect payment from patients that are above 100% of the Federal Poverty level. The most efficient way for TCCH to collect those outstanding invoices is through a collection’s agency.

There was further discussion concerning total startup costs for each agency to get the clinic up and running. Ms. Soule indicated that she would need to amend her request due to the fact that there will be more equipment left at the center, than she anticipated. Ms. Andress stated that Whole Family will also have to amend their request to include the potential reimbursement from the District which would begin October, 2019, if they were awarded funding.

Mrs. Peshke asked for clarification concerning the 340B pharmacy program which provides pharmaceuticals to patients at a highly discounted rate. Ms. Andress stated that Whole Family does not receive Federal Grant funding but has a fully operational pharmacy and they participate in the 340B program. She further explained that patients seen at the GHC would be transported to their pharmacy at the Vero Beach center or in some cases, prescriptions can be delivered to their home. There was further discussion surrounding the safety standards at the pharmacies and if there would be a potential issue of opening a pharmacy at the GHC. Mrs. Soule indicated they have security measures in place and have never had any issues at their other locations.

There was further discussion surrounding the board of directors for TCCH and Whole Family. The committee asked for information concerning the make-up of the board and the types of members they recruit. As a Federal Qualified Health Agency and a look-a-like, both their boards are required to have 50% of its members be consumers at their centers. Additional they recruit community members as well, to have representation from the areas they serve.

The committee asked for further information surrounding the dental services that the agencies provide. Ms. Soule stated TCCH has three dental centers and provides services to adults
and children. Whole Family provides fluoride treatment to children when they visit the pediatrician and refer the patient to a local dentist or TCCH for additional services.

Ms. Peshke asked for clarification concerning patient satisfaction data from Whole Family Health. Ms. Andress stated that the center routinely provides satisfaction surveys to the patients and are required to do that in order to receive HRSA funding. Ms. Knipper stated that VNA has proposed in their RFP to provide the patient satisfaction competent for the GHC because the data they receive back from them is important to provide the best quality health care to the patients. The VNA has already been tracking much of this data through the mobile unit encounters.

Since Mr. Woolfork was unable to attend today’s meeting, the committee agreed that Ms. Suriano will need to meet with Mr. Woolfork to update him on today’s discussion. The committee does not feel like it is ready to make a recommendation until they have received feedback from Mr. Woolfork and the Gifford community. It was decided that any committee member who is available to do so, will attend the Gifford Health Council meeting on Tuesday May 14. Mr. Jones will provide an update to the Gifford Health Council concerning the RFP process and todays discussions, and seek additional community input. Additionally, Ms. Suriano will provide an update to the District Trustees at the May 15th Chairman’s meeting, and collect the revised proposals and budget from TCCH and Whole Family Health. Further, the committee plans to meet again on the 22nd to have further discussions, complete the evaluations and come to agreement for recommendations to the District Board of Trustees on May 28th. Lastly, on May 28th, the District Board of Trustees will meet to vote on the proposed recommendation from the RFP Review Committee.

Adjourn- The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM