Special Meeting: May 22, 2019

Special Meeting: May 22, 2019

Special Meeting- GHC RFP Review Committee
Gifford Youth Achievement Center
May 22, 2019
11:00 AM

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Allen Jones Jennifer Peshke, Esq.
Ann Marie Suriano Allen Jones
Lenora Ritchie Freddie Woolfork

ATTENDEES: Tracey Zudans Jennifer Frederick
Kate Voss Michelle Genz
Marie Andress Pat Knipper
Ann Marie McCrystal Rashiemak Birks
Laura Grose Jalecia Chambers
Franny Watford Rashonda Williams
Steven Hellyen Andrea Berry
Karen Deigl Michel Weiss
Andrea Fedock Vicki Soule
Linda Morgan Jamie Mae Perry
Vera Smith Deana Shatley
Cheryl Martinez Sylvester Macintosh
Tony Brown

Convene Meeting – Ann Marie Suriano, Executive Director

Mrs. Suriano convened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance. She provided a review of the previous meetings held and the process for selecting the RFP finalist. She explained that the District has held many meetings over the last few months, with robust discussion and input from community leaders and health agencies within the county. Subsequently, the review committee was formed to review the RFP proposals submitted, and to make a recommendation to the District Trustees on their winning proposal.

Mrs. Suriano requested that each agency who submitted proposals, provide a brief summary and review of their proposal for those present today at the meeting. She stated she would then offer up an opportunity for the public to ask any questions of the agencies as well. There were some comments from local Gifford community members who shared their concerns with the transition and a new entity operating the facility. They stated that in past years, health services have been offered up to the Gifford community but over time have been reduced or eliminated completely. This has caused a lack of trust within the community. It was stated multiple times that the community would like a “full-service” medical clinic to support all residents of the community, and the surrounding areas. The District Trustees also took the opportunity to receive clarification and ask questions of the entities regarding their proposals.

After robust public group discussion, each committee member spoke briefly concerning their individual process of selecting the chosen agency. A scoring tool was utilized for this review and utilized in the decision-making process. The committee unanimously agreed that Treasure Coast Community Heath was the best choice to provide a full-service clinic, which would serve the needs of the community. Additionally, the TCCH proposal addressed all services that were requested through discussions with the Gifford Health Council and the public input from the Gifford community. Mrs. Suriano stated that moving forward, the effort with the Gifford Health Center must remain a collaborative effort, and that the VNA, Healthy Start, and We Care, will continue to provide the services they are currently providing in addition to supporting this transition. Mrs. Andress thanked the committee for their time and efforts, and pledged Whole Family’s support in all future health care needs for the community.

Adjourn- The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM