Chairman’s Meeting: November 14, 2018

Chairman’s Meeting: November 14, 2018

Indian River County Hospital District
November 14, 2018
10:00 AM

TRUSTEES: Marybeth Cunningham Tracey Zudans
Ann Marie McCrystal Barbara Bodnar
Allen Jones Karen Deigl

EXCUSED: Dr. Michael Weiss

STAFF: Ann Marie Suriano Jennifer Frederick
Kate Voss Jennifer Peshke, Esq.

OTHER ATTENDEES: Miranda Hawker Tony Brown
Vicki Soule Lundy Fields
Michael Felix Julianne Price
Pedro Barnabe Kelly Gee
Angela Dickens

Convene Meeting – Marybeth Cunningham, Chairwoman

Mrs. Cunningham convened the Chairman’s meeting of the IRCHD at 10:00 AM by welcoming those in attendance.

Teledoc Web Presentation- Allan Costner, Area VP Hospitals & Health Systems

Mr. Costner provided an informational review of Teladoc Health. He explained that Teladoc is the largest provider of telemedicine with 23 million members. He reviewed the hospital and health systems solution operation structure and explained that three benefits from using Teladoc include growth, access, and financial gain for the entity. Additionally, many large companies utilize Teladoc for their employees as a healthcare benefit. A further benefit in using Teladoc is that it expands access to primary and specialty care. It also helps them acquire and retain patients. Teladoc has also assisted to insure care of the at-risk population of the medically indigent. He further reviewed the configurability and security of the program, which includes 24/7 support and 400 employees. Mr. Costner finished his presentation by reviewing the cost of the service. He stated that a platform license would cost $137,500 annually and there is also a one-time set-up fee of $37,500. Mr. Costner provided the Trustees with a demo of a Teladoc medical visit so they could have a better idea of the patient’s experience. There was further Trustee discussion concerning the same and they agreed this was a matter they would like to research and understand further.

Phoenix Rising Wellness Center Introduction- Pedro Bernabe, CEO

Mr. Barnaby, CEO and Ms. Gee, clinical coordinator, provided an informational review of Phoenix Rising Wellness Center, LCC which opened in Vero Beach five months ago. Ms. Gee reviewed the treatment structure of the program which includes cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, contingency management. Additionally, they have a strong focus on aftercare planning which they believe is a key component to the success of their treatment. Mr. Barnaby explained that the center is already working collaboratively with other agencies in the community such as TCCH; The McCabe Connections Center; and the UP Center, to assist clients with other medical and support services. Further, they are currently working with their legal counsel on an application to transition into a 501(c)3. There was further Trustee discussion and the board agreed that Indian River County is lacking with regard to in-patient substance abuse treatment. Lastly, the board encouraged Mr. Barnaby and Ms. Gee to continue to collaborate with the other agencies in the county, as well obtaining their 501(c)3 status as a not-for-profit. It was further discussed that the center could request funding during the budget cycle next spring in 2019.

Strategic Planning Review- Michael Felix, MSHA

Mr. Felix stated that he has taken some time to review the Special Act which governs the District. He explained that there have been previous conversation concerning the Districts structure and its authority to fund healthcare. He believes that the Special Act provides broad authority to fund and support multiple types of health and medical services within the county. He feels that some main areas to focus on would be the ALICE population, along with senior citizens in the community. Additionally, he understands that the board of Trustees has had serval discussion concerning increasing the Districts poverty guideline to 250% or 300%. Further, there is an option to fund agencies with a grant structure that is evaluated and monitored, instead of fee-for-service structure which is currently being used. There was Trustee discussion concerning the same and the future of the District’s funding structure. Additionally, there was discussion concerning community leaders that Mrs. Suriano and Mr. Felix have met and discussed the future planning efforts of the District.

There was further board discussion concerning the Gifford Community and the leaders within the same. The board agreed that it was important to meet and talk with other leaders outside of those associated with just the health department. Many other Gifford community leaders work with other health agencies in the community and they agreed that it would be beneficial to obtain feedback from them as well. Ms. Deigl stated that the Senior Resource center supports a lunch program in the Gifford Community. She suggested a Trustee visit the group to listen to their concerns and recommendations.

Lastly, Mr. Felix stated that District staff is working to schedule additional community conversations with other organizations within Indian River County. Next month, there will be further opportunity to attend those, once the details are confirmed.

Discussion/Approval of Slate of CC Board & Committee Appointment- Marybeth Cunningham, Chair

As a historical review, Mrs. Peshke stated that within the Member Substitution Agreement with Cleveland Clinic, the District is authorized to appoint one Trustee and one public member to serve on the Cleveland Clinic Commitment Integrity Committee. Additionally, the Board is authorized to submit three names of residents of Indian River County to be added to the slate for the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Board of Directors. Once all names on the slate have been submitted, Cleveland Clinic Foundation will select one. Further, the Chairman of the District board will also serve on the board of directors as well. Mrs. Peshke stated that the Trustees will need to approve this process and asked for a motion stating the same. Mrs. Cunningham made the motion which was seconded by Mrs. McCrystal. The motion carried unanimously.

To begin, Mrs. Peshke asked for the Trustees to nominate three individuals to be included on the slate being submitted to Cleveland Clinic for the Board of Directors. By popular vote, Matthew Reiser; Val Zudans; and J. Dale Sorenson were nominated. Additionally, after further trustee discussion and vote, the Trustees nominated Karen Deigl to serve as the Trustees representative on the Commitment Integrity Committee, along with John Moore as the appointed community member.

Other Business-

Mrs. Peshke provided the Trustees with a draft of Resolution 2018-06 which discussed the Return of Granted Funds to the Indian River Medical Center Foundation. She asked the Trustees to review the document prior to the regular monthly meeting this evening, where the same will be up for discussion and approval by the board.

Additionally, Mrs. Cunningham stated that Cleveland Clinic representatives have had conversations to discuss the language in the Cleveland Clinic Indigent Care Policy relative to undocumented residents in the county, who are seeking services. Currently the policy reads that residents must be legal U.S citizens. There was further Trustee discussion where it was pointed out that even though the policy states a person must be a legal U.S. citizen, the hospital is required by EMTLA regulations to provide emergency care services to any person who presents at the emergency room, regardless of their ability to pay. Mrs. Cunningham stated she will provide more information on this matter when it becomes available.

Public Comment- There was no public comment.