Budget Discussion Meeting Minutes: August 28, 2018

Budget Discussion Meeting Minutes: August 28, 2018

Budget Discussion Meeting
Indian River County Hospital District
August 29, 2018

TRUSTEES: Marybeth Cunningham Tracey Zudans
Ann Marie McCrystal Dr. Michael Weiss
Barbara Bodnar


STAFF: Ann Marie Suriano Jennifer Frederick
Kate Voss Jennifer Peshke, Esq.

OTHER ATTENDESS: Miranda Hawker Anne Lanier
Jeanne Shepherd Beverly Smith
Dan Bach Michelle Genz
Donna Sorge Vicki Soule
Lillian Martinez Barbara Pearce
Lundy Fields Janet Begley

Convene Meeting – Marybeth Cunningham, Chairwoman

Mrs. Cunningham convened the budget discussion meeting of the Indian River County Hospital District at 10:00 AM, by welcoming those in attendance.

School Violence Prevention/Intervention Discussion- Jeanne Shepherd, M.Ed. LMHC & Lillian Martinez-Torrez, M.D.

Ms. Shepherd provided a review of the School Violence Prevention program for the Trustees. The program has three proposed levels which include a violence prevention teaching module for ninth grade students; Crisis intervention; safety planning; and therapeutics intervention for at risk students; and critical incident response if needed. The total request for funding is $75,905.00, which includes costs for clinical staff and training materials. Dr. Martinez-Torrez reviewed data concerning the need for violence prevention and statics on how violence effects low income youth. Dr. Martinez-Torrez further discussed Florida Senate Bill 7026 which requires school districts to establish or expand school-based mental health care, which is what this program directly addresses. There was further Trustee discussion and the board inquired whether the Indian River School Board was aware of this program and if so, why was the School District not providing the funding. Dr. Martinez-Torrez indicated that the school district was not approached to provide funding and that the Mental Health Association developed this program based off the District Trustees offering their assistance with violence prevention and mental health services after a monthly report to the Board of Trustees in February, earlier this year. There was further Trustees discussion and the board agreed to have Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Suriano follow up with the school district to understand their involvement with this initiative and find out if they plan on supporting it financially.

Trustee Discussion concerning FY 2018-2019 Budget- Allen Jones, Treasurer

Mrs. Cunningham asked Mr. Fields, CEO at the VNA, to briefly discuss the funding request for the mobile unit health campaign and the progress made with the initiative so far. Mr. Fields indicated that the VNA held their kick-off meeting on August 23rd. They have begun to park the mobile unit at Sunset Apartments which is also located near two other apartment complexes in the Gifford area, to serve as a main access point. They will continue to hold collaborative meetings every two weeks to discuss the progress and share ideas with the community leaders. Lastly, he discussed plans to work with patients in helping them seek continued care with a primary care physician, by providing follow up phone calls to patients who visits the unit and work to get them to schedule with a primary care physician.

Mr. Jones led discussion concerning the District FY 2018-2019 budget and reviewed each line item with the Trustees. The board had open discussion concerning the same and some items in the budget were reduce or removed. The amount of funding allocated for the hospital was adjusted to $7,560,000 and the board agreed to remove the $100,000 incentive set aside for the Partners program. Additionally, they agreed to fund the UF suboxone program at only $50,000 which adjusted the total funding request for UF to $212,870. There was further board discussion concerning the MHA School Violence Prevention program. Many of the Trustees felt this program was outside of the purview of the District. It was recommended by Mrs. Cunningham, that she and Mrs. Suriano meet with the Superintendent of the School District and Dr. Martinez-Torrez to find out the involvement of the School District with this program. They will then provide that information to the Trustees for further consideration. Additionally, the Trustees had discussions concerning the VNA mobile unit health campaign. The board agreed to allocated $150,000 towards the effort, along with the $14,000 originally requested which is their projected fee-for-service amount for the mobile unit. There was discussion concerning the Public Guardianship program who is requesting $28,500, which is an increase of $8,500 over last year. The Trustees agreed to include the additional $8,500 being requested, which will help assist with providing services to two additional wards in the program. The Trustees had discussion concerning the funding request from Tykes & Teens. The board agreed that this request was outside the purview of the District and that is would not be included in the budget. Lastly, the Trustees reviewed the administrative expenses relative to the budget. They agreed to set the District legal counsel budget to $185,000, along with reducing funds for professional services and consulting to $100,000.

Other Business-

Mrs. Suriano requested that the Trustees provided any feedback relative to the RFP for the Gifford Health Center by Friday, August 31. There was Trustee discussion concerning the RFP and a recommendation was made to include a Letter of Intent with the document. It was also discussed whether a committee should be formed to review the responses from the RFP. Mrs. Peshke indicated that she would prepare a memorandum concerning the Districts obligations and exemptions with the process in accordance with Florida Statutes governing this matter.

Mrs. Cunningham provided the Trustees with the following meeting schedule for the upcoming month:

Sept 13- 5:00 PM- First Public Budget Hearing;
Sept 25- 1:00 PM- Joint Meeting with IRMC Board of Directors;
Sept 27- 10:00 AM- District Trustee meeting to discuss Cleveland Clinic Documents;
Sept 27- 5:01 PM- Final Budget Hearing/ Regular monthly meeting; and
Oct. 3- 12:00 PM- Vote on Cleveland Clinic documents.

Public Comment- There was no public comment.

Adjourn- The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.