Four Suitors Selected to Advance to Next Stage of IRMC Partnership Process

Four Suitors Selected to Advance to Next Stage of IRMC Partnership Process

Vero Beach, Fla. (Nov. 17, 2017) – Four health systems were selected today to advance to the next stage in the process of choosing a partner for Indian River Medical Center.

Adventist Health System, Cleveland Clinic, HCA Healthcare and Orlando Health were chosen to be finalists.

The Indian River Medical Center Board of Directors and the Indian River County Hospital District Trustees each determined finalists from among the 12 organizations that submitted proposals. The boards had agreed that all organizations selected by either board would advance to the next stage of consideration.

“We are very pleased by the quality of the organizations who proposed as well as the finalists’ initial proposals, and look forward to learning more about them as the selection process continues,” said Dr. Wayne Hockmeyer, Chair of the IRMC Board.

“This is an important milestone in the process, and we have very good options to consider as we move to the next stage,” said Marybeth Cunningham, Chair of the District Board of Trustees.

Prior to the determination of finalists, Juniper Advisory, the strategic financial advisor for the process, presented information to a gathering of members of both boards and interested members of the public. They evaluated how the initial proposals aligned with the strategic objectives that the boards approved earlier this year.

The two boards are proactively seeking a partner for IRMC to assure that it has the resources to continue delivering top-quality healthcare to residents of Indian River County for years to come.

In the next phase of the selection process:

  • Each suitor will be invited to make a presentation at a gathering of members of both boards.
  • Members of the IRMC Board and the District Board of Trustees will visit the finalists to learn more about them.
  • Second-round proposals will be received and Juniper will provide information to members of both boards reviewing the proposals and discussing the diligence conducted by both boards.

Each board will use the information gained through these steps to evaluate each finalist and its proposal, and together will then determine which, if any, to pursue.

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