Search for IRMC Partner Moves to Next Phase

Search for IRMC Partner Moves to Next Phase

Collaborative Committee Concludes Work and is Thanked for Its Review of Hospital’s Future 

Vero Beach, FL. (September 1, 2017) – The search for a partner to help Indian River Medical Center continue to thrive and provide high-quality healthcare to the community has moved into its next phase, Marybeth Cunningham, the Chairwoman of the Indian River County Hospital District Board of Trustees, said today.

The Collaborative Committee, which brought together members of the District Board of Trustees and the IRMC Board of Directors and the Indian River Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors, has concluded its work, said Mary Beth Cunningham, Chairwoman of the District Board of Trustees. The process to move forward with the search for a partner for IRMC is now in the hands of the District Board and the IRMC Board, she said.

“We are very pleased and excited about the progress that has been made to date, and thank the Collaborative Committee for its dedicated work in reviewing the status of IRMC and future possibilities for partnering,” Cunningham said.

“With the conclusion of the Collaborative Committee’s work, we have moved into the next phase of the process in which IRMC’s consultant, Juniper Advisory, will solicit, gather and analyze proposals from potential partners, and those proposals will be reviewed by the District Trustees and the IRMC Board.

“We are pleased to see how the boards and the community have come together to consider how to achieve what everyone wants – a bright future for Indian River Medical Center, and the continuation and growth of its vital role in providing high-quality healthcare for our community,” Cunningham said.